Walking Dead – Panda and Duck

*Raaa Raaa …Brainss*

Walking Dead A4

Mr TD and I are big fans of The Walking Dead TV series and we can’t wait for the next season to start again.

As you can tell, this drawing was inspired by our love of The Walking Dead – Mr TD is the panda, and I am the duck.

The next season is expected to be released in October 2016!! I don’t want time to go by fast but at the same time I wish it was October already!

Have a good night everybody 🙂



Drawing on Ipad pro using Procreate app

Ever since Mr TD bought an Ipad Pro and downloaded an app called Procreate – I have been drawing heaps more! Drawing really makes me feel happy and relaxed.

My current art style is a combination of reality and imagination (just like my life – I day dream a lot…).  It is so fun to draw Mr TD and myself (in a form of a duck) on real life photos.

Here is my drawing of the day:

Giant chess pieces at State Library Victoria #chess #applepencil #procreate #chibi #drawing

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If you ever visit the State Library of Victoria, you’ll find these giant chess pieces just before you enter the library.

I don’t know how to play chess …but I really enjoy seeing how passionate and serious people become when they are playing chess.  Calculating every single move, stroking their chins/heads while thinking and crossing their arms wondering if they have made the right move or not.

Anyways, I have heaps to learn with this app and can’t wait to experiment more. Hope you enjoy my drawing.