Paleta Paleta Paleta! I am obsessed with paleta!

Qué es la paleta?

Excuse my spanish.

Paleta is an ice-cream from Mexico that comes in a stick. We were walking in Melbourne Central (Melbourne) when we spotted a cute mini push cart and a board with colourful ice-cream pictures.  Somehow I felt like the ice cream pictures were screaming “buy us buy us” – so even though we had a massive lunch 30 mins ago,  I could not resist to try it.

We decided to buy the watermelon, kiwi and lime paleta ….and boy, it was so so good! Sweet, sour and refreshing. Perfect for the warm day yesterday.

If you are an ice-cream lover like me and you happen to live in Melbourne, definitely try the paletas from ChillBro Paletas.

Adios! 🙂