Kanazawa – Part I

After 154 minutes on the bullet train, we finally arrived at Kanazawa – Yay!

Kanazawa JR train station

I am loving the slower pace in Kanazawa (compared to Tokyo) and how I am able to walk to most of the attractions from my hostel. Also, just as I thought Japanese people could not be nicer, Kanazawa caught me by suprise! When we arrived at station, we went to eat sushi for lunch and my friend chose a slightly expensive set. The chef then recommended my friend to buy a cheaper lunch special set instead as it was better value! Like seriously, I was so in awe. The chef was also very smiley and tried to talk in English to help us choose.

Arigatou nice chef 🙂

They say bad luck comes in three – it may be true after all. First, it was my luggage that broke 50 minutes before I had to go to the airport. Today, after losing my pasmo card yesterday, I found out that the my new jacket was ruined.   

I was quite disappointed because I just bought it a few days before my Japan trip. I ended up buying a new jacket from H&M (luckily on sale) but grumbled a bit because of this unexpected expenses. But then I realised that everything happens for a reason – we planned to visit Shirakawago the next day and it was forcasted to be snowing briefly and the max temperature was 4 degC. The original jacket would not have kept me warm AT ALL (it didn’t even keep me warm for 10-16 degC, let alone 0-4degC)!! 
Omi-cho market Kanazawa

While I was waiting for my friend to meet at Omi-Cho market, an old lady sat next to me and started speaking in japanese. I told her that I couldn’t speak Japanese but she just smiled and kept talking in Japanese. She told me that she was going to dance (she made dancing gestures and I confirmed it using my Japanese phrase book). She then asked if I was OK. I told her that I was waiting for a friend and she said thank godness in Japanese which I understood from all the animes I watched! Who knew that watching these animes could be useful 🙂

Omi-Cho market

The crab croquette from this place was amazing!!
White strawberry
Kanazawa gold leaf ice cream
Our lunch place

Lunch – yummmmm

After lunch, we took the Nohi bus to Shirakawago and my oh my, this place blew my mind away! Words can’t describe how beautiful this place is, and pictures definitely do not do this place any justice. I also got to tick off another thing in my bucket list, which is to see real snow!! It was sooooo cold – Man, that new jacket was definitely a blessing in disguise!

Someone left their kipling mongkey tag!

For dinner, we went back to Kanazawa JR station and ate another sashimi rice bowl at Furos shopping mall. Full tummy = happy life! 

Thats it for today – can’t wait to see what other adventure awaits!


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