Bon Voyage, see you again Melbourne!

Holey Moley – the time has finally arrived…My first solo trip to Japan and Taiwan! 

Up until 5 hours before the flight, I was actually feeling quite proud of my organisational skills. Everything went according to my master plan, and I purposedly left the last few hours to chill with Mr TD, and to check that I had packed everything for the 4th time.

One hour before I had to go to the airport, I saw some weird metal ball near the wheel of my luggage and decided to snap it. WRONG DECISION, MISS!!! As a result of this, I broke the wheel and was literally *omg*-ing for a few minutes. First, I was in the”denial stage” – I played around with the luggage hoping that it could survive with just 3 wheels. As I entered the “acceptance stage”, I decided to rush to a department store to buy a new one..oh boy, 50 minutes before I had to go to the airport! Unexpected expenses during my one year off with no income is definitely not what I want 😦 

Thankfully, I got my new luggage within 20 minutes and rushed home to repack everything!

I managed to reach the counter check in 5 minutes early (whoop!) and that’s when everything sunk in (Uh-oh). I am actually going overseas alone, I will be alone 90% of the time and I will be going outside my comfort zone (hostels…sharing toilet and room with strangers – eek)…aaaaaaahhhh!!!! 

I am definitely feeling super scared…but also zuper duper excited!! So many people have travelled alone before right? I should be ok right?…hmm – Wish me luck! Hopefully I don’t get homesick 🙂  


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