Drawing on Ipad pro using Procreate app

Ever since Mr TD bought an Ipad Pro and downloaded an app called Procreate – I have been drawing heaps more! Drawing really makes me feel happy and relaxed.

My current art style is a combination of reality and imagination (just like my life – I day dream a lot…).  It is so fun to draw Mr TD and myself (in a form of a duck) on real life photos.

Here is my drawing of the day:

Giant chess pieces at State Library Victoria #chess #applepencil #procreate #chibi #drawing

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If you ever visit the State Library of Victoria, you’ll find these giant chess pieces just before you enter the library.

I don’t know how to play chess …but I really enjoy seeing how passionate and serious people become when they are playing chess.  Calculating every single move, stroking their chins/heads while thinking and crossing their arms wondering if they have made the right move or not.

Anyways, I have heaps to learn with this app and can’t wait to experiment more. Hope you enjoy my drawing.



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